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Fresh Music | MFD’s Top Three Picks: Zuse ‘Bullet’


And so here we are, only a few months after The Fader proclaimed Zuse of Atlanta’s Zooly Gang, one of the rappers to watch out of the city this year. Finally, we can get more than a couple bars from the native Jamaican prone to switch up his flow and accent on varied tracks. Continue reading


Fresh Music: Zuse ‘Soprano’

Tony? That You?

Newcomer Zuse played me this ‘Soprano’ track one recent day at a yo just outside of Decatur. Continue reading

Fresh Music: Zuse ‘Red’

I definitely need a late pass for this one. LOL. It’s aiight though, I know ’bout it now. Yes. And so, young Zuse, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica has the city of Atlanta on fire with his formula — blending ‘trap rap’ with the ill, unrelenting flair of dancehall. Continue reading