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Use Your Eyes | Tope ‘Better Place’

“Better Place” opens with a dreamy soulful beat that would probably transport anyone to enjoying a sunny day in a  drop-top convertible, cruising down a road lined with palm trees in California. The visual isn’t as glossy but Tope rides this beat really well.

Tope rhymes about leaving people who wronged him in the past and chasing bigger dreams, like moving out to California and buying that whip that he had rapped about.

I relate to this, being a college student who just moved to a great city and left people behind that held me back in the past. This track makes me want to focus on the future and think about the great things I’m about to do rather than dwell on where I came from and the people there that were negative influences.

Hit ‘play’ on this one and see what you think.


Use Your Eyes | Memphis Ash ‘Confessions’

Memphis Ash is a 20-year-old rapper who, from what I understand, holds much more than his fair share of SoundCloud plays. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Chilly Chills ‘No Playin”

In hip-hop, people would have you believe that authenticity is easily marketable. And it is — if the artist is talking about long nights in the kitchen, standing wearily over a pot. Or roaches in their bedroom in their adolescence. All while rocking too many chains and bracelets and kicks from Neiman Marcus. More power to them, but what about the cats who are speaking from a different angle? Far and between.

Chilly Chills from Mechanicsville is one of those rappers in the latter group. A breath of fresh air. It’s not like he doesn’t identify with the stories rappers tell, but his “realness” comes from another place. It’s all personal and sincere and far too sticky to put a hood sheen on it for dollars and a badge that reads ‘Real N*gga Sh*t.’

“Now I’m hopping outta big wheels like a toddler, I was hanging in the Ville with bullet showers, I was using the poetry like umbrellas, I ca’ tell that my music really got power… ”

We all from the same hood but Chilly Chills  is talking about it from the inside.

Cop his new Blessings EP from iTunes.

Use Your Eyes | Sy Ari Da Kid ‘Q&A’

“Bae you need to get some act right /  And I don’t wanna talk about last night…”

We’ve been waiting, Sy! The singer/rapper’s highly anticipated studio album just dropped on iTunes last month.

Sy Ari Da Kid’s B4 The Heartbreak gives fans and those who are just tuning in to his music, a more modern sound over some heat. The Bronx-born, ATL-bred is right on time with his visual for “Q&A,” the third release from B4, subsequent to “Road to Heartbreak” and “5 Minutes Ago.” Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Redcoat Da Poet feat. Big Sant ‘Midnight Mackin”

Atlanta is beautiful at night. The city lights are the perfect pairing for Redcoat Da Poet and his right hand Big Sant as the two post up downtown with a couple of pretty ladies.

Catch the vibe of the song — which incidentally is one of my faves from Red’s latest Ode To the Underground album — and work on your own mackin’. Press play.



Use Your Eyes | Rey Fonder ‘No More Us’

Listen. No one knows why it’s easier for some to get over relationships than others — especially if the other’s asking why ‘you ain’t used to the dial tone.’ Sheesh. LOL. SMH. No judgment though. Sometimes it’s rough, but we’re headed into a new year — better to make that clean break now.

Here,  singer Rey Fonder speaks on the complications of a lengthy breakup. There’s gotta be a better way — also, I’m feeling like this is based on a real-life situation. Details to come as soon as I sit down with Fonder. In the meantime, enjoy ‘No More Us.’



Use Your Eyes | Chilly Chills ‘Dope’

Back in June, Ye fell for Mechanicsville MC Chilly Chills, sorta on the fly. The G.O.O.D. Music CEO just happened to hear a track from the Atlanta native while he was in town for Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash and he was hooked. My first time hearing Chilly live yielded the same reaction. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Tez McClain ‘GimmeMine (Dopamine Studio Sessions)’

“Hands down, Tez McClain is the people’s speaker…”

Over some ominous production — presumably courtesy of LT-Moe — Tez McClain is back again with “GimmeMine” from the Dopamine Sessions. Here, the Atlanta MC is sounding like he’s ready after having taken a break for a few years. Time for McClain to take what’s his and this sharp set of bars ought to put him back in the game with ease.

Use Your Eyes | Redcoat Da Poet ‘#AE2 (Intro)’

Redcoat Da Poet has finally dropped a visual for one of my favorite records on his most recent Ode to the Underground album. Before I jump in, understand this: #AE — ‘Anti-Establishment’ — has been Red’s tag for years now. There’s something to respect in the idea of not wanting to settle for or with standards that’ve already been set.  Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Carlie Bravo ‘Kool As S—‘

Yo. LOL. Carlie Bravo may be ‘kool as s—‘ for real. Met him recently in the streets of Atlanta as I was out working and rather than handing me a CD, he asked if I’d like a re-up on my drink. Later I watched the visual for his track ‘Kool As S—,’ and with all the super doobies and OE 40s being passed around the house party in the video, I’m considering how bourgie I must’ve seemed that night as I requested a frosty Guinness. Ha!

Anyway, the girls are bound to love Bravo. Formerly in the Marine Corps, the rapper has always had a knack for music, so when he came home he jumped right in. Bravo has the look and he can put a decent song together. I’m sure he’ll be outta here in no time with the right planning.

This one here is guaranteed to make you bounce a little bit and the energy of the video is dope too. I almost wanna put down my fancy stout and chug a 40 right along with them. Almost.