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Fresh Music | Translee ‘Lost in the Sauce’

A few weeks ago, MFD fave Translee dropped this ‘Lost in the Sauce’ track produced by Tha Officialz and it’s fitting that we’re running it over here on a Sunday. The song just feels like church and Translee is preaching for close to 3:30 minutes. Not your AME pulpit type of preaching either. Think 125th and Lenox street corner call to worship. He touches on his feelings about the Confederate flag amongst other things. Continue reading


#SXSWFresh 2015 | Translee

I’d been turning the idea of goodie bags over in my mind for awhile now. Something to hand out to my peers in the business while in Austin, then it dawned on me… My thing is new music from new artists, so why not include them and their tracks? Here, they introduce themselves to you, in their own words… Next up…


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Mad Fresh 5 | Translee on ‘Culture Junky’ Mixtape

For those of you familiar with Day 1 Radio and what Maurice, B and myself do over there, you already may have heard the Mad Fresh 5 segment I knock out from time to time. If so, then kudos to you! If not, I’ll be wrapping them all and placing them here for your listening pleasure.  Continue reading

Fresh Concept: Lady B’s The Session / Beyond the Talent [RaRa, Translee, K Camp]

This is what I’m talking about… It’s so necessary to have people in your circle that push creativity even in the way they document this hip-hop thing of ours. DJ Lady B recruited a few friends in 2012 (including the ever-positive Fort Knox) in hopes of building onto her Atlanta-based brand — introducing fans to a whole other side of their favorite rapper.

‘The Session,’ originally titled ‘Beyond the Talent’ kicked off nearly a year ago at the New Era flagship downtown which has since shut down. But she hasn’t stopped organizing and promoting the event moving it over to the Castleberry Hill neighborhood early this year.

In celebration of Lady B’s upcoming anniversary, myself and Mehka King (DJs Doing Work, Notes From the Underground, Soletron) have decided that it’s only right to show support to one of our peers out here in the A with the right idea.

Here’s her first visual featuring RaRa, Translee and K Camp — the latter is all over the radio these days with that “Money Baby” track. I’d say B definitely knows how to pick ’em.