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Fresh Music | Phene & MICXSIC ‘They Don’t Rap No More’

Friends of the site, Phene from PA and MICXSIC outta VA, dropped this joint only a few days ago but the theme is wild familiar. While we all agree that there’s enough room for every sub-genre out here, there’s something to be said about somebody dropping bars that make you shake your damn head.  Continue reading


Shine | The Bar Exam [Atlanta, 4/24]


A-town! Friday marks yet another edition of the city’s beloved Bar Exam with Mic Sic hosting. Head out to the Apache Cafe in Midtown if you’re looking for an interactive open mic that reveals a few gems within the culture every time. For tickets and other details, head over here.

Shine | Ra Ra Headlines The Bar Exam [8/22]



On Friday evening, as you make your way around the A, be sure to stop in at Apache in Midtown for the Bar Exam. I went to one a month or two ago and it most definitely is one of the city’s more underrated events. Continue reading

Shine | The Bar Exam Prepares To Bring the Soulful on 4/25 [Atlanta]

Nubia Emmon Has Us Hooked...

Nubia Emmon Has Us Hooked…

The good people at The Bar Exam aren’t just listening for one specific type of artist. Rappity rap is all well and good but it isn’t the only way to get down and on April 25th, the Atlanta-based event will be honoring that notion, bringing their winner from January back to the testing room, so to speak. Continue reading