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Use Your Eyes | Sy Ari Da Kid ‘Q&A’

“Bae you need to get some act right /  And I don’t wanna talk about last night…”

We’ve been waiting, Sy! The singer/rapper’s highly anticipated studio album just dropped on iTunes last month.

Sy Ari Da Kid’s B4 The Heartbreak gives fans and those who are just tuning in to his music, a more modern sound over some heat. The Bronx-born, ATL-bred is right on time with his visual for “Q&A,” the third release from B4, subsequent to “Road to Heartbreak” and “5 Minutes Ago.” Continue reading


Use Your Eyes | Mad Fresh In These Streets [Ron Beatty, Sy Ari Da Kid, DJ Scream]

Yep. It’s been a lil’ minute but we wanted to make sure we got the new episode of Mad Fresh In These Streets right for you guys. Myself and my co-producer, Marcus Williams, set up shop on the bridge by Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta, right across from the Mercedes Benz Dome in progress, just to give you a little A-Town visual as you get into these clips.

This time around we’re giving you the most recent joints from Ron Beatty, Sy Ari Da Kid and DJ Scream‘s star-studded visual. Take a look.

Use Your Eyes | Sy Ari Da Kid ‘Chase’

I suppose my first question is:

How in the world did Sy Ari Da Kid get a young woman in a thong bodysuit to twerk front of Chase Bank in broad daylight?

Either way, I love this video for his ‘Chase‘ single. The song itself is pretty light (‘Money be the only thing that a n—- chase…’) but I can see it taking off. Plus the production from Ear Drummers’ 30 Roc is on point and on trend. The kids’ll make a dance out of this one with no issue.

Swear — it’s only a matter of time for Sy to be outta here and ‘Chase’ has gotten him another step closer.

Also, DC Young Fly and his sticky fingers make a quick cameo here. Peep it.

Use Your Eyes | ‘S.O.O.N. [Intro]’ Video/Sy Ari Da Kid on ‘Sway In the Morning’

Friend of the site Sy Ari Da Kid recently dropped a visual from his latest mixtape S.O.O.N. and it’s real nice. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Sy Ari Da Kid feat. Snootie Wild ‘Old’

Old money is cool. Old situations? Not so much. Here, Sy Ari teams up with Yo Gotti’s signee Snootie Wild to talk ambition and the wiles in chasing it, over production from Bobby Kritical and Will-A-Fool. There are things you need to let go of when you’re on your way to the top. Gotta make room for the new, you know?

This one is off of Sy’s latest project ‘S.O.O.N. [Something Out Of Nothing].’


Fresh Music | Sy Ari Da Kid ‘S.O.O.N. (Something Out Of Nothing)’ Mixtape

Aiight. So I’ve been talking Sy Ari Da Kid since I was introduced to his music a few years ago. If there was a Rappin’ Ass Mixtape King title here in Atlanta, Sy would probably scoop that one. Dropping tapes is nothing for this Slumlord.  Continue reading

Shine | Sy Ari Da Kid Kicks It With Sway In the Shade [45, that is…]

Sy Ari Da Kid for Homecoming King...

Only a matter of time before your rhyme skills take you above and beyond I-285 here in Atlanta. Sy Ari Da Kid knows damn near every one in the city who could put him ahead of the rap pack, steadily moving forward. Continue reading

FRESH MUSIC | MFD’S TOP THREE PICKS: Sy Ari Da Kid ‘Ultrasound 2 — The Birth’

Sy Ari's Born Again!

Sy Ari’s Born Again!

The nerve of Sy Ari Da Kid. The nerve of this flippin’ guy, this insane spitter, to even imply that he’s still at the beginning by subtitling his latest project The Birth.

Continue reading

Fresh Music: Sy Ari Da Kid feat. K. Camp ‘Popular’

Sy Ari Da Kid for Homecoming King...

Sy Ari Da Kid actually is pretty popular, as his most recent track implies. Continue reading

Fresh Music: Kidd Kidd, Sy Ari Da Kid, Jose Guapo ‘Important’

Kidd Kidd, Sy Ari Da Kid, Jose Guapo Think They're Pretty 'Important'

Got this track in my inbox just a couple days before the new year hit but figured it would be a nice touch to give it to y’all as motivation for the 1-4. Who doesn’t want to be important this year? Continue reading