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Stay Fresh | God Bless the Fresh ‘Real Friends [6-Panel Halo]’ Caps


God Bless the Fresh, for real. We love when startups know their lane — the brand instantly connects with the consumers and there’s a genuine story behind it all.

In 2012, KnarlyDB almost lost his life after a severe asthma attack,  but here we are four years later — and he’s brought a longtime goal to fruition.

From GBTF: 

With a fire in his heart for fashion and desire to transform his experience into a legacy, the Ohio born hustler teamed up with Cali-bred footwear editor & commentator Jazerai Lord in 2015, taking the business of blessing the fresh to the next level. 

Inspired by experience and powered by God, the two aim to use the avenue of fashion and creative expression to remind people to move authentically & stay blessed, whether they are trappin’ out the bando or on Wall St. 

These ‘dad hats’ are everywhere this year but these from GBTF are super clever, a wink at Ye with one eye and Jennifer Aniston with the other.

Just because we believe in you guys and your quest to stay fresh, hit their site and enter MADFRESH under the code field for 10% off!

Get on ’em before the summer’s up…




Stay Fresh | Starting 2015 Off Right With These Seven


Plotting out the year is one thing, making the initial moves to make things happen is a whole other. Before 2014 was out, I started researching the necessary tools. Turns out, all you need is a few quality winter accessories while running around, a couple good gadgets and a fragrance that helps in making your presence a memorable one. Here’s a list of what I’ve been rocking with since the ball dropped. Festival season is coming soon so get your business straight while it’s still frigid out.

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Stay Fresh | Spring For These Seven: Accessories

Spring is here. Finally. There’s something about the change in the weather that makes most people hit the nearest boutique and drop ends. That’s alright. You can blame it on the fact that all of us here in the States have had an everlasting winter and shiny new stuff makes up for it. Plus, who doesn’t need pretty new things when the trees get to blooming? With that said, MFD kicks off this Spring For These Seven series. The first? Accessories.  Continue reading

Top 10 Items To Have During Festival Season 2014

Oh. So you’re headed to Austin next month for SXSW? Or maybe Tennessee for Bonnaroo in June? You think you have your list of essentials ready… I already know. That’s the feeling — until you get all the way ‘out there’ and you’re making a mental list of what to be sure to bring the next time. No worries. MFD’s got you covered.

For this Stay Fresh entry, I’ll give you a few tips on what you ought to be packing before heading out to smash the scene this festival season. Continue reading