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Fresh Music | Sean Falyon ‘Motivation Music’


Sean Falyon be everywhere’ or #SFBE has been Falyon’s slogan for years. It’s not an empty tagline either. It’s very real. From city to city, venue to venue, Falyon is there. That kind of motivation to stay moving, busy and working, it’s got to come from a thorough desire to succeed right? Continue reading


Day 1 Radio | Bangladesh & Sean Falyon [5/15]


Photo Credit: Mach Diesel

The last episode of Day 1 Radio featured an appearance from Grammy Award-winning producer Bangladesh. I remember walking into his birthday party at STK last year and the first thing I saw was a polar bear walking around in there. LOL. Yeah. So I’m like, ‘Dude’s different.’ Continue reading

Use Your Eyes: Sean Falyon ‘Famous February [Episode 1]’

Sean Falyon Has To Have a Million Clones...

The homie Sean Falyon knows a lil’ something about cross-branding. Just in time for his ‘Famous‘ project, due on March 4th, the Philly-to-Atlanta transplant has concocted a plan to make the shortest month of the year, the illest four weeks of 2014. Continue reading

Fresh Music: Sean Falyon ‘TrillMatic (BeEVERYWHERE Mix)’

Sean Falyon's 'TrillMatic'

What I’m saying is that, while everyone else out here is wishing they had a clone, Sean Falyon must have about two or three… Continue reading


Fresh Music: Sean Falyon ‘This Far’

Interviewed Sean Falyon minutes into the morning of the last day of 2010. Fitting. We talked about dreams, goals and the process of making them come to pass. The story link is coming, but for now, here’s a new vid from the Philly boi, “This Far.” It’s the lead single from Sean Falyon Be Everywhere Part 2. S/O to that Playboy Tre at the top of the visual.