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Mad Fresh In These Streets | Little 5 Points [Ron Beatty, Carlie Bravo, Truth Ali featuring Cyhi The Prynce]

On this episode of Mad Fresh In These Streets, we’ve recruited Lysh and Nikki D of AB+L Radio‘s Jazzy Belle Show to bring you three of the dopest videos we’ve seen as of late — from artists you may not be familiar with. You know how we do. The ladies are checking in from L5P, one of the funkiest neighborhoods in the entire city to introduce you guys to new ones from Ron Beatty, Carlie Bravo and Truth Ali featuring Cyhi The Prynce.  Tune in and pay attention. Like then share, if you’re feeling it.


Use Your Eyes | Mad Fresh In These Streets [Ron Beatty, Sy Ari Da Kid, DJ Scream]

Yep. It’s been a lil’ minute but we wanted to make sure we got the new episode of Mad Fresh In These Streets right for you guys. Myself and my co-producer, Marcus Williams, set up shop on the bridge by Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta, right across from the Mercedes Benz Dome in progress, just to give you a little A-Town visual as you get into these clips.

This time around we’re giving you the most recent joints from Ron Beatty, Sy Ari Da Kid and DJ Scream‘s star-studded visual. Take a look.

Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘King In A Crown’

So last we left off, Beatty’s lil’ love interest unknowingly led the super jealous boyfriend to her location and he stuck a pistol in the Ford Crown Victoria where the two were sitting, kiki-ing it up, like nobody was on an insane mission to find her.

Beatty’s flow and tone are totally different on ‘King In A Crown,’ showing versatility — a plus.

In this last visual installment of the Love Triangle that Beatty has mocked up, there are some psychedelic effects as he appears to be cruisin’ around with his homeboys. Is he dead? Is he in heaven? What’s happening?

Either way, this joint is pretty cool and very clever. King. In. A. Crown. Vic. Get it?


Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘Blessed’

Jeez. When bad goes to worse…

So, a few days ago MFD posted the visual to NC rapper Ron Beatty‘s ‘Take Your Time’ — the first in his three-part ‘Love Triangle’ release. Where we left off, Beatty found himself in some overnight flirtation with a pretty girl he found walking alongside the road.

All innocent — s’mores, liqour, friends and neon headbands. But, unbeknownst to the rapper, the young lady was running from a pretty big ‘something.’ Peep the next installment above.

Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘Take Your Time’

Ron Beatty is an ambitious one. Not too long after dropping the visual for his ‘Heard About Me’ track, the North Carolina-native is back again with the video for his cautionary tale ‘Take Your Time.’ The video is part of a package he’s dubbed the ‘Love Triangle’ — meaning, there are two other joints connected to this one. Not sure what’ll happen next, but peep what happens here as Beatty picks up a stranger roadside.

Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘Heard About Me’

Ron Beatty‘s just a hometown guy with major dreams of taking on the hip-hop game — since the recent release of his “Heard About Me” visual, the North Carolina native is a getting closer. Continue reading