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Exclusive | Lucci Talks ‘YFN’ the Song & The Crew, Coming Collabs With RHQ, Trinidad James

Just before Thanksgiving, MFD got with TIG’s YFN Lucci and his adorable baby boy at the rapper’s Turkey Drive in Atlanta and the ‘Wish Me Well‘ creator gave us the exclusive on his next project up and working with labelmates to include Trinidad James and Rich Homie Quan. So ignore the rumors about beef, ya heard?

Press ‘play.’


New Music | Rich Homie Quan ‘Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)’

Word on the street is that Rich Homie Quan is finally prepping to drop his debut LP this spring. Last week, the lyric video dropped for his lead single ‘Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)’ and we’ve gotta say, this here gives a cool lil’ vibe, sort of like ‘Type of Way’ years ago but a little more polished.

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Fresh Music | Lucci feat. Rich Homie Quan ‘Exactly How It Was’

Had the chance to sit with Lucci of TIG a couple weeks ago. Well, actually, it was Lucci and like, a million of his homeboys and label team members. I was late to the session and by the time I arrived the room was thick with weed smoke, drinks flowed and rapper was more than halfway through his Wish Me Well project.  Continue reading

Exclusive | Rich Homie Quan X DC Young Fly Talk Upcoming Collab Effort

On Monday night [December 8], MFD had the chance to sit with Rich Homie Quan and talk about his ‘Blah Blah Blah’ remix that dropped today. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Rich Homie Quan ‘Under the Influence Tour’ Part 2

The tour with Wiz is going well. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Rich Homie Quan ‘Under the Influence Tour’ Part 1

If you’ve been following MadFreshDaily for awhile, either here — or here, or even here — you’ve seen me speak on this East Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan.  In case you aren’t familiar with the tale though, here goes… Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Columbia BT feat. Rich Homie Quan ‘She Crazie’

Columbia BT‘s ‘She Crazie’ is actually building a pretty substantial buzz here in Atlanta. Um, it’s another ode to “relationships” — or situationships– gone awry. Apparently, both Columbia and Quan, who comes in with the assist, have dealt with some women in the past who’ve had a hard time letting go. Continue reading

#FreshVision: Ca$h Out Talks ‘Ya Feel Me,’ Shuns Rich Homie Quan Comparisons

Recently, I sat down with Mr. Ca$hin’ Out himself and discussed his newest project, Ya Feel Me, which actually boasts a couple dope tracks. I’ve been heralding at least three, two of which were done by Beat Monster. The third? Cutie pie, beast of a production talent Metro Boomin’knocked it out. Ca$h also fielded questions from me about everything from his faves on the project to whether or not he thinks Quan tried to rip him off — soundwise. Check it.


#FreshVision: Rich Homie Quan (@RichHomieQuan) X MadFreshDaily

Fresh Vision | Rich Homie Quan (@RichHomieQuan) X MadFreshDaily:

When I tell you me and Rustin Moore are working outchea? We really are. LOL. The latest installment of our Sitdown series features Rich Homie Quan of East Atlanta. You know, the young cat everyone wants to compare to Future. I really like dude and I think you get that impression here. Maybe you’ll even end up liking him too. Shot by Rustin Moore. Interview by me. Check it. 🙂


Fresh Photo | MadFreshDaily X Rich Homie Quan (@RichHomieQuan):

The next installment of #TheSitdown features the 23-year-old firestarter Rich Homie Quan. As I told him this evening, I felt like a latecomer when I caught his set at SXSW back in March. He took the stage in all white, down to his Polo socks and Air Forces, clean. There was something about Quan that made me pay close attention, from his bop to the lilt in his voice.

I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or natural but it was hypnotic, the energy he had. And here we are not four full months later and the East Atlanta native is everywhere! So excited to share our conversation with you guys in the coming days. Shot by Rustin Moore (@RoundUpRussy) of course.