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Use Your Eyes | Redcoat Da Poet feat. Big Sant ‘Midnight Mackin”

Atlanta is beautiful at night. The city lights are the perfect pairing for Redcoat Da Poet and his right hand Big Sant as the two post up downtown with a couple of pretty ladies.

Catch the vibe of the song — which incidentally is one of my faves from Red’s latest Ode To the Underground album — and work on your own mackin’. Press play.




Use Your Eyes | Redcoat Da Poet ‘#AE2 (Intro)’

Redcoat Da Poet has finally dropped a visual for one of my favorite records on his most recent Ode to the Underground album. Before I jump in, understand this: #AE — ‘Anti-Establishment’ — has been Red’s tag for years now. There’s something to respect in the idea of not wanting to settle for or with standards that’ve already been set.  Continue reading

Fresh Music | Redcoat Da Poet feat. Big Sant & Cap 1 ‘Midnight Mackin”

‘Thirst animals.’ Redcoat sat across from me on an East Atlanta patio, shaking with laughter.

Over a recent lunch, the conversation turned to why I choose business over personal most days and the most aggressive suitor I’ve had in some time. I won’t divulge the details of that particular situation here but trust, it was lewd, it was late and it was enough to make Red chuckle then tell me, ‘He needs to take some tips from this ‘Midnight Mackin’.”

Maybe so. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Red Coat Da Poet ft. Mighty Network ‘Stop Biting’

We Mighty!

We Mighty!

Uh oh. Some of y’all getting called out on this ‘Stop Biting’ joint from Red Coat Da Poet and the Mighty Network. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes [Premiere] | RedCoat Da Poet ‘Stay True’

Stay True Doe...

Remember a couple weeks ago when MFD posted that new RedCoat? That ‘Stay True‘ joint with the insistent boom, crafted by Skantily Klad? Today’s the day we get a picture to go with the bars. Continue reading

Fresh Music | RedCoat ‘Stay True’

RedCoat Serves Truth.

RedCoat Serves Truth.

Artists, here’s the lick, I’ma lay it out for you: the live set is the move. You already knew that, right? Nah. You gotta smash the set though. Never know who’s looking and I can’t speak for everyone but that’s my weakness. That’s how RedCoat Da Poet got me as a fan last year around this time. Continue reading