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Fresh Music | Ra Ra ‘Lawd’

Been waiting patiently on Ra Ra to g’head and drop the first single from his Project Runway album that’s yet to come. And today he’s dropped off ‘Lawd’ for our listening pleasure. Here’s a little background first:  Continue reading


Fresh Music | Ra Ra feat. Pill ‘Psalms 138:7’

So Ra Ra is already on to the next. After the release of his High End Low Life project just a few months ago, here he is again, preparing to drop another collection of ill tracks titled, Project RunwayContinue reading

Use Your Eyes | Ra Ra feat. Killer Mike ‘Frustrated Young Man’

Last winter when Ra Ra sat me down at Crossfade Studios to go over what he had completed on his ‘High End Low Life’ project, he told me that if he could’ve sampled Cody Chestnutt‘s entire angst-filled catalogue, he would. Continue reading

Shine | Ra Ra Headlines The Bar Exam [8/22]



On Friday evening, as you make your way around the A, be sure to stop in at Apache in Midtown for the Bar Exam. I went to one a month or two ago and it most definitely is one of the city’s more underrated events. Continue reading

Day 1 Radio | Mike Roberts and Ra Ra [5/8]

Mike, Ra and Us...

Last week on Day 1, we had an Atlanta radio legend in the AB+L studio, Mr. Mike Roberts. He definitely dropped some jewels about starting out as an intern and ending up a station owner. Continue reading

#FreshVision | MFD X Ra Ra: High End Lyrics, Breaking Low Life Habits [Pt. 2]

Ra's In the Ring Though...

Ra’s In the Ring Though…

Five days before Ra Ra‘s High End Low Life is slated to drop, MFD presents the second part to our #FreshVision series with the Decatur emcee.  Continue reading

#FreshVision | MFD X Ra Ra: High End Lyrics, Breaking Low Life Habits [Pt. 1]

On That RaRa Ish...

I don’t remember the first time I met Ra Ra f/k/a Young Capone with the So So Def deal way back when… Doesn’t even matter. When he dropped that tape with Maurice Garland serving as host last year, I was all in. Continue reading

FRESH MUSIC: Ra Ra ‘Thirst’

Ra Ra 'Thirst'

Let me start off by saying this: I missed Ra Ra‘s ‘Young Capone‘ chapter.  Not completely, like, I was aware but I underestimated him for sure. Continue reading