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Day 1 Radio: Problem & Bad Lucc [Episode 1]

Day 1 Radio. Me, Maurice Garland and Branden Peters. Who would’ve known two years ago that myself and my big brothers in this hip-hop media thing, would be joining forces to put out a weekly podcast on everything from rap to apparel to lifestyle stuff? Man. You never know what’ll work until you try. And we did!

The first episode of Day 1 Radio features an interview with Diamond Lane‘s Problem and a couple lines from the homie Bad Lucc, who just so happened to be magnificently blunted on that evening. LOL. All in all, for me anyway, it was my first time meeting Prob and it was dope to see what type of cat he actually is off wax. I wasn’t hella surprised (what up Cali? LOL) but he was hilarious, personable and pretty damn intelligent. We talked his latest project, The Separation, as well as being a dad and sticky situations with YG. Check it.


Fresh Pic: Day 1 Radio X Problem

Another day, another venture. 🙂 First episode of #Day1Radio was a success! Bad Lucc fell through with Problem and was so blunted, he barely spoke. LOL. #GreatTimes #Day1Radio