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Fresh Music | Money Makin’ Nique & Curtis Williams ‘Money Makin’ Danco’

Not sure how I missed this one. Seriously. Been rocking with Money Makin’ Nique since forever. This most recent one from the Massachusetts native sounds like every NYC staircase circa the mid-’90s, courtesy of Atlanta’s own DJ Toomp (!!!). And Nique brought Two-9’s Curtis Williams along for the ride. Trash talking phenoms. And they just ran off with ya ___. Ha!


Press ‘play.’


Fresh Music | Money Makin’ Nique feat. Marian Makeba & India Shawn ‘Rent Money’

Nique Got That Rent Money Doe...

Nique Got That Rent Money Doe…

Been heralding Mr. Money Makin’ Nique for some time now. First time I saw him perform was at this dive bar here in Atlanta during the A3C Hip-Hop Festival a couple years ago and I was floored. The best way to catch my attention for real, is to be spitting tough on a stage. He did and subsequently followed the same formula, so whenever I see dude’s name on a bill, I try and make it there.

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