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Fresh Music | Matt De LeReaux ‘Bad’

Which one o’ y’all made Matt De LeReaux mad?

On ‘Bad,’ the multifaceted artist showcases his pipes as well as his bars and he’s had enough of those doubting. There’s an interesting sound to this production, almost industrial, but the actual melody De LeReaux croons is light, airy and Aaliyah-esque. Press ‘play.’


Fresh Out the Inbox | Matt De LeReaux feat. Naj Murph ‘Done Right’

Yo. I really like this Matt De LeReaux kid. Caught the native Floridian performing at the legendary Smith’s Olde Bar here in Atlanta a couple months ago when Cyhi was in town. Here’s my tell: if at the end of an artist’s live set I’m actually paying attention to, and trying to catch their social media handles? They got me.  Continue reading