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Couple Thoughts | Saying Hello to Bankroll Fresh [Mad Fresh 5]

On Friday evening, March 4, Street Money general Bankroll Fresh was gunned down in front of the Street Execs studio in Atlanta. I was on my way home from Future’s ‘Purple Reign’ tour when it happened, and I was crawling into bed when I heard the news. Fresh was the only person hit after 50-plus rounds were let off and he succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital. No one knows motive yet, but the streets are saying it’s rooted in jealousy and hate. And crabs not wanting to see Bankroll win.

It’s difficult to even write this. Continue reading


Mad Fresh 5 | Runway Richy

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the eastside of Atlanta. I. Love. Decatur. With that said, it was only right that I meet up with one of the up and comers from the Dec behind a small barbershop off Candler Road for a Mad Fresh 5. Me & Runway Richy talked about everything from career hiccups to signing on with DJ Holiday‘s Commission. Listen close.

Mad Fresh 5 | Translee on ‘Culture Junky’ Mixtape

For those of you familiar with Day 1 Radio and what Maurice, B and myself do over there, you already may have heard the Mad Fresh 5 segment I knock out from time to time. If so, then kudos to you! If not, I’ll be wrapping them all and placing them here for your listening pleasure.  Continue reading