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Use Your Eyes | Ra Ra feat. Killer Mike ‘Frustrated Young Man’

Last winter when Ra Ra sat me down at Crossfade Studios to go over what he had completed on his ‘High End Low Life’ project, he told me that if he could’ve sampled Cody Chestnutt‘s entire angst-filled catalogue, he would. Continue reading


Day 1 Radio: Killer Mike [1/17]

Killer Mike Got Day 1 Pledged Up...

This week on Day 1 Radio friend of the show, Killer Mike, came through to kick it with the guys. Your girl was missing in action and boy do I regret it. LOL. Continue reading

Couple Thoughts on the Last Couple Weeks: Toys with 2 Chainz, Dinner with Killer Mike & More


A lot of ground to cover this holiday season. Let’s get started shall we? Continue reading