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Fresh Music | Gueringer the 13th ‘My Side of Town’

Lemme find out Gueringer the 13th is a tease! The Pontiac, MI native has blessed us with his latest ‘My Side of Town.’ And believe me when I said it’s hard — it’s also just over 90 seconds long. Damn. Continue reading


Fresh Music | Gueringer the 13th ‘What They Wanted’

Gueringer Giving 'Em What They Want Tho...

Gueringer Giving ‘Em What They Want Tho…

Oh. Pontiac, MI native Gueringer the 13th has joined forces with his patna Loud Loud again on the latest ‘What They Wanted’ featuring an appearance from Detroit’s OG Fin.

Continue reading

Fresh Music: Gueringer the 13th feat. DEJ Loaf ‘Girls Love To Party’

Girls Behaving Badly...

There’s something about the latest track from Pontiac’s Gueringer the 13th — titled ‘Girls Love to Party‘ — that sounds like an evening in a  haunted mansion. Not that folks can’t twerk to anything these days but the Loud Lord-produced track is pretty ominous considering the subject matter. Continue reading

Fresh Out The Inbox: Gueringer The 13th ‘Let Me Talk My Sh*t’

Gueringer The 13th Talks Reckless...

When I was a kid, my parents had established this tradition of us trekking to see family in Detroit every other winter — in the dead of winter. LOL. Our relatives stayed just outside of the city in a suburb called Pontiac, a smaller, mixed community. So imagine my shock when hearing this newcomer Gueringer The 13th namedrop the small town I thought was my own little secret in his latest ‘Let Me Talk My Sh*t.’ Continue reading