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Fresh Music | DJ Burn One & The Five Points Bakery ‘Pérdida’ (co-prod. by Eric Dingus)

DJ Burn One + The Five Points Bakery are back again with their newest joint ‘Pérdida.’ The track comes off their recently released album Tapas and October’s Very Own producer Eric Dingus lends some of his magic to the song behind the boards.

‘Pérdida’ en inglés means ‘loss’ — which sort of explains the song’s eerie inflection. It almost gives off a lonely feeling. Continue reading


Fresh Music | DJ Burn One & The Five Points Bakery ‘Canapé’ EP

Canapé (noun)

A small, prepared and usually decorative food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.

Understand this — nothing DJ Burn One does behind the boards is small, though it is easy to digest. On Canapé, the Atlanta native has some help from The Five Points Bakery (Walt Live, Go! Ricky Go!, Pi’erre Bourne & Monochrome Sweatsuit). Burn’s latest offering has the feel of trunks rattling in outer space. Like, Burn is known for having that thump always, but the use of synths is super airy and ethereal here. All live instrumentation. No samples here. Pretty dope. And with seven tracks, I’d say it could be consumed in one bite. Press ‘play.’


ScottyATL, “All the H03$: In the South, they call a track like this- ‘ridin’ music.’ Because most people out here in Atlanta have a whip, it’s essential to have something chill to bump while driving. Get it? Gotta admit, this latest track from Scotty should be getting much play in these streets once his next project ’Forever Atlanta In The Heart (F.A.I.T.H.)’ drops. Produced by the always-intuitive DJ Burn One with a feature from Curtis Williams of the Two9 collective. How ironic that today is Scotty’s birthday and this treat was in my inbox. 🙂 Enjoy.