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Fresh Music | Chase Compton ‘Hold It Down’

Chase Compton dropped this gem off to MFD yesterday. I suppose it would’ve been ideal to post on Valentine’s Day but it works today too — known universally as, Side Piece Day. And let’s face it, who’s gonna hold you down tighter than a side piece? Ha! Check it.


Use Your Eyes: Chase Compton ‘Xan’

Chase the Xan with...

Chase the Xan with…

Kansas representative Chase Compton is back again with another one. This time, he offers up a video for ‘Xan‘, the first single from his upcoming Sleepless Dreams project, available for download on Soundcloud. Continue reading

Fresh Out The Inbox: Chase Compton ‘Smokin + Sippin [Freestyle]’

Chase No Chaser...

Yo. Days like today, I really love what I do. On a decent morning, I can hop in my emails and find something halfway decent. Today though, I was thoroughly impressed by this kid Chase Compton. Thoroughly. Continue reading