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A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 | From The Eyes of MFD Intern Keandra Scott [Pics]


Last year, we had the opportunity to cover the A3C Hip-Hop 2015 Festival and Conference which took place during the BET Hip-Hop Award Weekend.

The most recent A3C was nothing short of phenomenal. It seems as if each year the festival continues to surpass the expectation of one’s experience to an unfathomable altitude. Continue reading


A3C Hip Hop Festival 2015 | From the Eyes of MFD Intern Keandra Scott [Pics & Video]

Pastor Troy and His Belt Hit the A3C Main Stage. Photo credit: Nadine Graham

Pastor Troy and His Belt Hit the A3C Main Stage. Photo credit: Nadine Graham

It was more than just dope music circulating and grabbing free parking at Atlanta’s Loudermilk Center — it was about creating a movement. A3C celebrated their 11th year by bringing an expected continuation of some of the dopest film screenings, panels, performances, live art and a plethora of other things to get into. Continue reading


Lady B, DJ Babey Drew and Baby Babey Drew at The Session

Here we are. Down to the very last recap of Lady B‘s first year of The Session held here in Atlanta.

Continue reading


Fresh Pic: A3C Fest X Live Art

There was some dope live painting going on at Noni’s Village…#A3C #Fresh456


Fresh Pic: A3C X Impromptu Rhyming

Situations like this go down at #A3C. Folks in the middle of the street, just spitting on a makeshift stage. 🙂 Love this time of year… These guys go by the name Doorway. #Fresh456


Fresh Pic: A3C X Revolt

Onstage at the #Revolt show this past weekend. I was right on time to catch Decatur’s own Jarren Benton tear sh*t down. #LifeIsGood #A3C #Fresh456


Fresh Pic: A3C X Maschine At Patchwerk

On the third day of this year’s A3C Fest I found myself at Patchwerk. Me and a few others were invited to eat Sweet Auburn BBQ and watch producers like Young Guru and 9th Wonder (he was intrigued, LOL) play with Native Instruments new toy, Maschine. I felt like even I could make some fly sh*t. Heh, heh… Shouts to Justice League, also in the building.#A3C #Fresh456


Fresh Pic: A3C X MFD X Jason Geter

On the fourth day of this year’s A3C Festival here in Atlanta, me and Jason Geter had Mexican for lunch. I got him on Coronas then we had an open conversation ‘bout his business in front of a crowd. LOL. He was great. #A3C #Fresh456