Fresh Music | MFD x DJ Bently ‘Cruise Control Vol. 2’

Okay. We let Cruise Control Vol. 2 breathe for five whole days. If you haven’t heard it yet, trust, you’re in for a good one.

In keeping with our desire to always bring you guys the untapped and overlooked talent, there are a number of tracks here that are sure to be new to you. And this time we hit pretty much every corner of the continental U.S. — except for SYPH, he’s from Canada, bringing that mellowed out hip-hop/R&B feel (alongside Tory Lanez on “Pull Up”) from the Far North.

Everyone else, from Houston’s Wintertime to Detroit’s Sino, has earned their spot easily on the new CC. DJ Bently keeps it flowing in the best way and we’re hoping you guys get into it before the summer’s out for real. Enjoy.


Use Your Eyes | Tope ‘Better Place’

“Better Place” opens with a dreamy soulful beat that would probably transport anyone to enjoying a sunny day in a  drop-top convertible, cruising down a road lined with palm trees in California. The visual isn’t as glossy but Tope rides this beat really well.

Tope rhymes about leaving people who wronged him in the past and chasing bigger dreams, like moving out to California and buying that whip that he had rapped about.

I relate to this, being a college student who just moved to a great city and left people behind that held me back in the past. This track makes me want to focus on the future and think about the great things I’m about to do rather than dwell on where I came from and the people there that were negative influences.

Hit ‘play’ on this one and see what you think.

Fresh Music | J-Blev ‘Spotlight’

Shouts to J-Blev. Been a minute since we posted something from his ever-growing catalogue but the Florida native recently shot this one over to MFD and it was an instant love affair. “Catch me under the spotlight / So everyone can see it / That you can have the world if you believe it…”

I guess if MFD had a theme song, this would be it. Produced by Mossberg. Press ‘play’ and partake.

Fresh Music | MFD X DJ Bently ‘Cruise Control Vol. 1’ [Mixtape]

On Friday afternoon (May 20), me and DJ Bently dropped our first collaborative effort and my first mixtape everCruise Control Vol. 1. Felt really natural too. I’m like, ‘Shoulda did this years ago.’ Ha!

Bently did a great job polishing and arranging the choices I sent him. The whole purpose of the project was to gather all of my current faves in one place. Almost like putting the MFD brand as a whole, on a mixtape. Some of the names you guys will recognize from being featured here on the site (first!), others you may have heard of but maybe you aren’t familiar with their tracks.

Planning on dropping another really soon so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, chill to this one…

Stay Fresh | God Bless the Fresh ‘Real Friends [6-Panel Halo]’ Caps


God Bless the Fresh, for real. We love when startups know their lane — the brand instantly connects with the consumers and there’s a genuine story behind it all.

In 2012, KnarlyDB almost lost his life after a severe asthma attack,  but here we are four years later — and he’s brought a longtime goal to fruition.

From GBTF: 

With a fire in his heart for fashion and desire to transform his experience into a legacy, the Ohio born hustler teamed up with Cali-bred footwear editor & commentator Jazerai Lord in 2015, taking the business of blessing the fresh to the next level. 

Inspired by experience and powered by God, the two aim to use the avenue of fashion and creative expression to remind people to move authentically & stay blessed, whether they are trappin’ out the bando or on Wall St. 

These ‘dad hats’ are everywhere this year but these from GBTF are super clever, a wink at Ye with one eye and Jennifer Aniston with the other.

Just because we believe in you guys and your quest to stay fresh, hit their site and enter MADFRESH under the code field for 10% off!

Get on ’em before the summer’s up…



Fresh Music | Nino Blaq ‘T.R.U.T.H.’ [Mixtape]

Nino Blaq of the Street Money conglomerate has finally dropped his ‘T.R.U.T.H.’ project, showcasing his knack for calling on day-to-day experiences and pairing those with references to West African kings and the like.

The Internets would say that Nino is ‘woke,’ but perhaps the dopest thing here is that the Street Money soldier recognizes that the medicine goes down a little easier with some sugar.  Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Memphis Ash ‘Confessions’

Memphis Ash is a 20-year-old rapper who, from what I understand, holds much more than his fair share of SoundCloud plays. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Jahkoy ‘Odd Future’

Listen. I ain’t typically the one for the dreamy, in-the-clouds R&B that’s so popular these days, but I do like this one from Def Jam signee Jahkoy. ‘Odd Future’ is totally relatable — back and forthing with boo, everything that comes with figuring out relationships.

‘It just doesn’t feel the same anymore, it’s all on me… There’s no one to blame anymore…’ Continue reading

Fresh Music | J.I.D. ‘Robotics’

The Spillage Village kids are out here in Atlanta building something super-sturdy on the humble.

From Earthgang to J.I.D., the entire team is partial to the hardest in production and catchy, yet wildly inappropriate one-liners. As J calls it here: it’s ‘The Spill Vill Revo-f*ckin’-lution.’ Jeez.

The revolution continues with ‘Robotics,’ produced by Air Kalo. J.I.D. is in his element here, flowing easily — almost absentmindedly — while tying it all together with tone changes, [seemingly] involuntary gasps and short tales of loose women and ballcappin’ men screaming that they’re ‘ready to die.’

From J.I.D.’s SoundCloud:

This record serves as the first release from Spillage Village’s (@Earthganghbt, @Jidsv, @jordxnmusic, @planethollywood) upcoming project “Bears Like This Too Much.” This project will be released later this spring and will feature music from the whole collective. Fans can expect J.I.D to release a full project later this summer.


Fresh Music | Matt De LeReaux ‘Bad’

Which one o’ y’all made Matt De LeReaux mad?

On ‘Bad,’ the multifaceted artist showcases his pipes as well as his bars and he’s had enough of those doubting. There’s an interesting sound to this production, almost industrial, but the actual melody De LeReaux croons is light, airy and Aaliyah-esque. Press ‘play.’