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Fresh Out the Inbox | Chi City ‘thug life’

Newcomer Chi City dropped his new one ‘thug life’ off in my inbox a little while ago. I’m not sure why I like this to be honest — just feels right. The haunting ‘it’s 1999 my n—-‘ laid over the T.D.-produced track got up under my skin. Continue reading


Fresh Out the Inbox | Wes Guy feat. Tope ‘So Good’

Portland has a soulful vein running through their hip-hop — we’re with it. Last year, Tope sucked us in with his ode to Miz Badu. Now, Wes Guy’s ‘So Good’ is the latest. From his Perfectly, Imperfect project, the Mike Mo-produced track is irresistible in its jazzy vibe and the appreciation for taking a moment out to look at life’s blessings.

Fresh Out the Inbox | DonJuan ‘Juan Bellamy Platinum’ EP

Man, so much of the music out of Detroit is worth taking a second look at. DonJuan‘s chillwave-type of vibe is reminiscent of the innovation of Mr. Yancy’s day. But DonJuan is of the new generation, upholding that sense of doing something different but dope. I mean, there’s a damn Dave Hollister sample in there! Sheesh. Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | AxJ ‘1000 Watts’

“Haters still hating and boppers still boppin’…” — AxJ ‘1000 Watts’

Minimalism wins here. As soon as the production — courtesy of beatsmith Jimmy Jones — opened up, Naptown native AxJ (formerly known as Lyrical AJ) had me hooked, then the next few bars locked me in. The emcee is also a poet so he knows how to use words effectively — making his point while being concise. Got a pretty nice flow too. Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | Trev ‘Random Acts of Flyness’ [Mixtape]

After having made his debut back in 2012 with ‘The Trevolution,’ Atlanta-based Trev has regained his momentum off the strength of work done within the past few years — which is crazy. But, it goes to show, just because somebody’s quiet doesn’t mean they’re not working. This project here is a compilation of those tracks, under a dope title that we can’t get over — ‘Random Acts of Flyness’? Indeed.

Fresh Out the Inbox | Matt De LeReaux feat. Naj Murph ‘Done Right’

Yo. I really like this Matt De LeReaux kid. Caught the native Floridian performing at the legendary Smith’s Olde Bar here in Atlanta a couple months ago when Cyhi was in town. Here’s my tell: if at the end of an artist’s live set I’m actually paying attention to, and trying to catch their social media handles? They got me.  Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | ‘No More Losing’ [Video] J Skyy feat. Young Vegas & Hollywood Luck

The newest visual from Jackson’s J Skyy landed in my inbox recently and out of curiousity I pressed ‘play.’ Cool lil’ song about being motivated to go out and get what you claim to deserve. Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | Gilles ‘The Righteous Ratchet’


In all actuality, Gilles has been out here moving around Atlanta for at least a couple of years now. 2014 has been pretty eventful for the lawyer-by-day, rapper-on demand. What I mean by the latter is that Gilles may just bust a freestyle, even while at the office. That’s what you call passion. Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | Dee Day ‘Homage [Part 3]’

Now this is a dope idea. New Orleans emcee Dee Day has been going in over classic beats made famous by everyone from Dr. Dre to Nas to UGK over the past month.  Continue reading

Fresh Out the Inbox | Billy GRAM ‘Treasure’


Here’s a confession for you guys — that ‘Treasure’ joint from Bruno Mars? My guilty pleasure. It’s just a great song man. And Fairfield-Cali. native Billy GRAM has taken a moment to throw a verse on there just for the ladies who might be listening. Continue reading