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Fresh Music | Jimmy Wopo ‘Prime Time’

From Abbey B.’s perspective:

I love this track’s beat; the simple piano keys and the beat sound super dope together. This is the kinda song I would put on a playlist at a kickback, rather than a song I listen to when I’m in my feelings and need something/someone to relate to. I could see my friends and I dancing to the catchy chorus, with its low, lazy sound. ‘Prime Time’ isn’t a song that I relate to strongly, but I still appreciate Wopo’s sound and his clever rhymes, and it made me look into some of his other tracks.

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Use Your Eyes | Tope ‘Better Place’

“Better Place” opens with a dreamy soulful beat that would probably transport anyone to enjoying a sunny day in a  drop-top convertible, cruising down a road lined with palm trees in California. The visual isn’t as glossy but Tope rides this beat really well.

Tope rhymes about leaving people who wronged him in the past and chasing bigger dreams, like moving out to California and buying that whip that he had rapped about.

I relate to this, being a college student who just moved to a great city and left people behind that held me back in the past. This track makes me want to focus on the future and think about the great things I’m about to do rather than dwell on where I came from and the people there that were negative influences.

Hit ‘play’ on this one and see what you think.