Exclusive | Brookewell Speaks on the Rebirth of R&B & Their New Single ‘Only One’


Photo Credit: Brookewell

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Brookewell while they visited Atlanta. Brookewell is an R&B girl group put together by Latocha Scott (of Xscape) and her husband, industry executive Rocky Bivens.

The talented young group has over 2 million views online and they’re stirring up some major buzz for their cover to V. Bozeman’s (Empire, Fox) breakout hit, “What is Love.”

Chicago natives Natalie, Mecca and Marche, better known as Brookewell collectively, are ready to show the world what they’re working with. These girls are bringing a millennial flare to the 90’s sound of R&B and having Latocha Scott as a mentor and songwriter may be the key ingredient to land them in the midst of the stars. Their single, “Only One” (featuring Scott’s vocals in the background) will have true R&B fans coming out of the woodwork — even moreso when the visual drops.

Check out the interview below.

MFD: How long have you ladies been singing together as a group?

Brookewell: About a year and a half now. We have been going back a forward from Chicago to Atlanta.. We’ve been mainly working on development here in Atlanta trying to make sure we drop right.

How did singing come about in each of your lives?

Marche: I started singing because my dad is a singer and I grew up in a house full of singers.

Natalie: I feel for me, singing came from watching The Wiz. Watching a thousand of Selena and Michael Jackson videos. I just grew up wanting to do it.

Mecca: I was singing before I really knew I could sing. I found out I could really sing when I won a school talent show. I was like ‘Wow, I really can sing.’ That’s when it became a real passion with drive behind it.
MFD: If there was one word to describe the group, what would it be?

Brookewell: Powerful. Our voices are powerful. It just comes from a real, real place. We want to bring girl groups back. We want to show people you can work together in a group. You can sing about love and it not be lame.

MFD: What artists sparked singing in each of your lives?

Brookewell: Brandy, Lauren Hill, Selena, Stevie Wonder, Tori Kelly

Natalie: Being half Salvadoran I have an ear for anything from J. Lo to Celia Cruz.

Ke’Ke: How has it been working with Latocha Scott?

Brookewell: She makes you feel that you have been knowing her forever.
MFD: What is “Only One” about?

Brookewell: It’s about a person who feels neglected in a relationship. about a girl who deserves more than what she is getting and in the end, she didn’t really need him.
MFD: What songs do you all like to play around with or warm-up to vocally that is up-to-date or a people’s favorite?

Brookewell: We listen to older music. Just the other day we were singing “Killing Me Softly” by Lauren Hill and a lot of Xscape like “Who Can I Run To.”
MFD: Which artists would you ladies like to collaborate with in the future?

Brookewell: Kendrick Lamar. And Chance The Rapper. He is so apologetically Chicago.

MFD: Who is Natalie of Brookewell?

Mecca & Marche: Spicy and strong-minded.

MFD: Who is Mecca of Brookewell?

Natalie & Marche: Like a butterfly. Sweet.

MFD: Who is Marche of Brookewell?

Natalie & Mecca: Very expressive. She’s soft-spoken but very individualistic and out-spoken.





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