Exclusive | Swagu Style House Talks ‘Shazam’ & Signing to Cee-Lo


No one knows exactly why hip-hop groups have diminished from the spotlight in recent years. Some blame the waning influence of record labels from the start of the millennium — there isn’t the support of “a building” behind group acts and the pressure of spearheading an indie movement can be too much on some folks. Others point out that ego is the main reason artists (who are also longtime friends) would prefer not to join forces and have to share the spotlight. Either way it goes, the three young men that make up Swagu Style House are primed to win — as a team.

With Stranger and Deep taking the lead and Medullah behind the boards, the Style House fellas are sure to make Cee-Lo Green proud to have signed them to his Mothership Entertainment imprint under Epic. When their debut project, Shazam, finally drops, we’re pretty certain we’ll all be drippin’ swagu.

MFD spoke with the guys recently about their beginnings, their goals and what it means to have a rap veteran check in on your sessions here and there. Peep the talk above and preview their recent track, the poppy “Pick It Up” below.



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