A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 | From The Eyes of MFD Intern Keandra Scott [Pics]


Last year, we had the opportunity to cover the A3C Hip-Hop 2015 Festival and Conference which took place during the BET Hip-Hop Award Weekend.

The most recent A3C was nothing short of phenomenal. It seems as if each year the festival continues to surpass the expectation of one’s experience to an unfathomable altitude.

On Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, as the rain began descend onto the Festival Grounds, you could hear the crowd chanting “dunn dunn it all” as Mook B took over the mic with a heartfelt message on the main stage.

“Cherish, cherish, cherish muthaf*kin’ life man, cause that’s all you own man, is your god*mn life man, drop that sh*t mayne… drop that sh*t DJ…”

The Shawty Lo Tribute led by D4L broke into “It Feels Good to Be Here” and the energy of the crowd turned into excitement as they took a detour down memory lane commemorating their fallen group member, endearingly known as the King of Bankhead.

Shady Records made their presence known on the BET Main Stage when Royce 5’9 came out heavy and rocking the crowd with his undeniable skill to the craft of hip-hop; he was dropping some serious bars.


Rick Ross came on the stage shortly after and performed all his top hits from, “B.M.F.” to “John” and he even partnered with Checker’s to give out some free fries and chicken sandwiches. Ross knows how to exit the stage in style, we thank you Ross.

Rain or shine, whether you were a new comer or veteran to A3C, everyone was joined together in the Loudermilk Center for a momentous purpose; to become more enhanced and equipped for the business of music.


We got a chance to sit in on The Future of Journalism: Covering Hip-Hop Culture with Vanessa Satten (Editor-in-Chief at XXL), Rodney Carmichael (Senior Staff Writer at Creative Loafing), Maurice Garland (Hip-Hop Journalist/Host), Lauren Martinez (Editor-in-Chief at A3C) and Julia Beverly (Creator of Ozone Magazine).

Satten was taking the room to church when it came to giving solid advice every soul could carry into their destined career paths. There were many messages to be interpreted from the panel but there were two that stuck out:

Times have truly changed, artists to-date are out selling icons so you have to know your target audience and there is value in fact checking.


Master P dropped a ton of gems and comical conversations to many artists in the A3Conversation | There is No Limit panel discussion. As soon as he entered into the room, the momentum took off as Maurice Garland and Branden Peters dug deep into how he was able to build No Limit in New Orleans and stay current. The “Make’em say ugh” mogul got a chance to share his experience working as the narrator on Solange Knowles new drop,  A Seat At The Table.

When it comes to being innovative Master P has definitely got his mind wrapped around some interesting future endeavors. His Louisiana Hot Sauce project is slated for next year and he’s also working on a biopic and a video game to be released within another two years.

We definitely look forward to see what A3C will bring next year.

**All photos taken by Keandra Scott & Adam Tatum.


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