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Fresh Music | Nino Blaq ‘T.R.U.T.H.’ [Mixtape]

Nino Blaq of the Street Money conglomerate has finally dropped his ‘T.R.U.T.H.’ project, showcasing his knack for calling on day-to-day experiences and pairing those with references to West African kings and the like.

The Internets would say that Nino is ‘woke,’ but perhaps the dopest thing here is that the Street Money soldier recognizes that the medicine goes down a little easier with some sugar.  Continue reading


Use Your Eyes | Memphis Ash ‘Confessions’

Memphis Ash is a 20-year-old rapper who, from what I understand, holds much more than his fair share of SoundCloud plays. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Jahkoy ‘Odd Future’

Listen. I ain’t typically the one for the dreamy, in-the-clouds R&B that’s so popular these days, but I do like this one from Def Jam signee Jahkoy. ‘Odd Future’ is totally relatable — back and forthing with boo, everything that comes with figuring out relationships.

‘It just doesn’t feel the same anymore, it’s all on me… There’s no one to blame anymore…’ Continue reading

Fresh Music | J.I.D. ‘Robotics’

The Spillage Village kids are out here in Atlanta building something super-sturdy on the humble.

From Earthgang to J.I.D., the entire team is partial to the hardest in production and catchy, yet wildly inappropriate one-liners. As J calls it here: it’s ‘The Spill Vill Revo-f*ckin’-lution.’ Jeez.

The revolution continues with ‘Robotics,’ produced by Air Kalo. J.I.D. is in his element here, flowing easily — almost absentmindedly — while tying it all together with tone changes, [seemingly] involuntary gasps and short tales of loose women and ballcappin’ men screaming that they’re ‘ready to die.’

From J.I.D.’s SoundCloud:

This record serves as the first release from Spillage Village’s (@Earthganghbt, @Jidsv, @jordxnmusic, @planethollywood) upcoming project “Bears Like This Too Much.” This project will be released later this spring and will feature music from the whole collective. Fans can expect J.I.D to release a full project later this summer.


Fresh Music | Matt De LeReaux ‘Bad’

Which one o’ y’all made Matt De LeReaux mad?

On ‘Bad,’ the multifaceted artist showcases his pipes as well as his bars and he’s had enough of those doubting. There’s an interesting sound to this production, almost industrial, but the actual melody De LeReaux croons is light, airy and Aaliyah-esque. Press ‘play.’

Shine | Metro Boomin’ X The FADER ‘Thank God For the Day’ Doc

I met Metro years ago, just after he stopped showing up to class at Morehouse. The first thing I told him was that Future had begun claiming him as his own during an interview conducted while attending that year’s SXSW. Now he’s a star in his own right. Very cool to see.

From The FADER:

Metro Boomin, the 22-year-old that all of young America and beyond have placed their trust in, is on the cover of The FADER’s new Producers Issue. His full story—covering his upbringing in St.. Louis, his familial relationships with music’s biggest players, and strategy as an artist—will be published at 6 p.m. EST tonight, April 12. For now, here’s a preview of the world it tells of.

Use Your Eyes | Chilly Chills ‘No Playin”

In hip-hop, people would have you believe that authenticity is easily marketable. And it is — if the artist is talking about long nights in the kitchen, standing wearily over a pot. Or roaches in their bedroom in their adolescence. All while rocking too many chains and bracelets and kicks from Neiman Marcus. More power to them, but what about the cats who are speaking from a different angle? Far and between.

Chilly Chills from Mechanicsville is one of those rappers in the latter group. A breath of fresh air. It’s not like he doesn’t identify with the stories rappers tell, but his “realness” comes from another place. It’s all personal and sincere and far too sticky to put a hood sheen on it for dollars and a badge that reads ‘Real N*gga Sh*t.’

“Now I’m hopping outta big wheels like a toddler, I was hanging in the Ville with bullet showers, I was using the poetry like umbrellas, I ca’ tell that my music really got power… ”

We all from the same hood but Chilly Chills  is talking about it from the inside.

Cop his new Blessings EP from iTunes.

New Music | Scotty ATL feat. BJ the Chicago Kid ‘Clockin’ In’

On the heels of his joint project Live & Direct with B.o.B., Scotty is already prepping for  what’s up next — including his go at the 10th spot over at XXL. Crazy.

Continue reading