Fresh Music | Nick Grant ”88′ [Mixtape]

Been telling you guys about Nick Grant for a few months now as he’s made his rounds from Sway in the Morning to the Genius offices earlier this week. I can’t imagine that the latter crew was able to break down all of Grant’s bars in one sitting. Man. They’d be there all week.

’88 boasts countless one-liners, fly metaphors and more — on every single song. Grant is also intuitive enough to know what works for him. This current trend — which I don’t even like to refer to as such — rappers representing themselves and their own experiences sans the rap caricature. This works. When hip-hop is grown, it’s cool to take off the tacky chains, move with a small circle, smile a little more, turn down just a little at times.

It’s okay to pen lyrics uplifting your people and explaining the perils falling in love. It’s more than acceptable to stretch the boundaries of language by reminding the opposition that they ‘are what they eat’ then mentioning ‘cunnilingus.’ If that’s not grown, then consider this: there’s a nod to Queen Erykah and D’Angelo on here. Not the most recent stuff either. Nick Grant know.

So peep, my favorites here include ‘Trouble/Where Is the Love Interlude,’ ‘The Jungle’ and ‘Just in Case.’ Aw man. ‘Just in Case’ feels like ’95. Press ‘play.’


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