Exclusive | Recap: Dynamicon ATL 2015


Panelists Dynamic Producer aficionado Jeff Blackwell, producer GHStroud, Host/DJ Fort Knox, Kelby Cannick (owner of Makin’ It Magazine) and rapper Micxsic at Dynamicon 2015 Atlanta. Photo Credit: Keandra Scott

It started like this, in the words of A-T-L host extraordinaire Fort Knox, “Heavy! Heavy! Heavy!” — Dynamicon 2015 Atlanta was all of that. The 14th annual music conference was a meaty two-day experience with an intimate crowd of skillful producers, songwriters, industry judges and expert panelists. Dynamicon was not like any other festival I’ve ever been to, it was personable. Day 1, starving artists and industry platformers trickled in to one of Atlanta’s iconic music venues, The Basement. It was a musical feast!

The introduction of the conference started off with the Beat Royale, an ill beat battle hosted by rapper Micxsic as well as Dynamic Producer and dope creator of many things, Jeff Blackwell.

Indie producer and songwriter Sean Conary turned the volume all the way up as he premiered his newest mixtape as the opening set– it was wired! All producers who hit the stage to battle had their own element and flare.


An intimate crowd of conference goers gathered to network with one another and mingle with the panelists. Photo Credit: Keandra Scott

We caught hype producer I Am Brahms putting his dance moves to the test as he battled it out with the only female producer representing, Willa Beez. The judges who sat on the Beat Royale panel was none other than Louisiana beast producer veteran Mo B. Dick, industry trendsetters Ace Harris, DJ Teknology and LT Moe.

Mo B. Dick took the audience back in time as he sung a few verses a capella , “Sometimes I feel like, somebody’s watching me..” (as he continued) “This is for the ‘Burbans and the Cadillacs…” At this point, the crowd energy was fierce, then came a stand-out blind rhyming producer by the name of Question alongside his producer-friend My Buddy.

Str8 Up offered a battle against Magnum P.I. like no other — inspirational. Str8 wasn’t holding back and neither was Magnum P.I., there was no denying the talent in the room, it was stadium status in the building.

Day 2 was intense and eye-opening. Battlers were now in front of industry panelists. The three panels touched on how to build a buzz in Atlanta, industry feedback/listening and industry one on one — networking at its finest. The Sheraton incubated history in the making.

Everyone was looking at and listening to people could potentially be the next to blow. Industry influencers like Ian Burke, HeadKrack, Lee Evans, James Worthy, Director of Writer/Publisher Relations SESAC Atlanta Greggory Smith and many others were in the mix to drop gems.

So what were some of the gems? I’ll sum it up in 3 words: Invest, Expose and Continuity. The CEO/founder of Dynamicon said it best, “Your network is your net worth.”


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