Use Your Eyes | Redcoat Da Poet ‘#AE2 (Intro)’

Redcoat Da Poet has finally dropped a visual for one of my favorite records on his most recent Ode to the Underground album. Before I jump in, understand this: #AE — ‘Anti-Establishment’ — has been Red’s tag for years now. There’s something to respect in the idea of not wanting to settle for or with standards that’ve already been set. 

You’ve got to be pretty ill to want way more than what’s expected — especially these days, when ‘true effort’ is rare.  So you know the video had to be on point right?

Here the Warner Robins-native — by way of Memphis — heads back down by Baker Road to reflect on his journey, shouting out the individuals responsible for pushing him to pave his own path in the red clay and beyond. From his sons to his mans n’ em, all down with the Mighty Network — ain’t no better place to be, it seems, than on the other side of the Establishment.

Hyacinthe X does an amazing job of directing and editing this one as well. Check it.


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