Use Your Eyes | Carlie Bravo ‘Kool As S—‘

Yo. LOL. Carlie Bravo may be ‘kool as s—‘ for real. Met him recently in the streets of Atlanta as I was out working and rather than handing me a CD, he asked if I’d like a re-up on my drink. Later I watched the visual for his track ‘Kool As S—,’ and with all the super doobies and OE 40s being passed around the house party in the video, I’m considering how bourgie I must’ve seemed that night as I requested a frosty Guinness. Ha!

Anyway, the girls are bound to love Bravo. Formerly in the Marine Corps, the rapper has always had a knack for music, so when he came home he jumped right in. Bravo has the look and he can put a decent song together. I’m sure he’ll be outta here in no time with the right planning.

This one here is guaranteed to make you bounce a little bit and the energy of the video is dope too. I almost wanna put down my fancy stout and chug a 40 right along with them. Almost.


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