Fresh Music | Slay ‘John Wilkes Booth’

A couple weeks back I was recruited to moderate #TheFanbase here in Atlanta and ended up meeting quite a few artists hoping to gather some alternate ideas on what it means to “make it” while maintaining their integrity.

This was the night I met Slay and again, I can’t stress enough how often you find real talent in these streets, when you take the time to pass a card or an email address or something. Anyway, the Connecticut native dropped his last project E11 in 2012 but I’m partial to folks who are actively trying, so I gave a few tracks a spin and ‘John Wilkes Booth’ raised an eyebrow.

First of all. LOL. The title. Who names a rap song after Abraham Lincoln’s assassin? I’d love to know the story behind that. But beyond the name of the track, Slay proves that his skill level is up there, just trash-talking, so hopefully he has another project on the way. This joint made me a believer.


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