Fresh Music | Phene & MICXSIC ‘They Don’t Rap No More’

Friends of the site, Phene from PA and MICXSIC outta VA, dropped this joint only a few days ago but the theme is wild familiar. While we all agree that there’s enough room for every sub-genre out here, there’s something to be said about somebody dropping bars that make you shake your damn head. 

It’s cool to twerk of course but — and I swear I have had this conversation at least once a week for the past five years — there has to be a balance. Mic says it perfectly here on “They Don’t Rap No More” (produced by DjayCas of Honorable Court): “Ain’t no love for hip-hop in Atlanta, just Love & Hip Hop in Atlanta…” LOL. A blanketed statement? Yes. But I understand what he means. And so does everyone else out here.

There’s a sprinkle of actual MCs here in Showcase City, even the cats that do trap, some of those guys have bars in their own right, but there are a million-plus “party music” rappers and it’d be more tolerable if more of them were actually good.  Ah, well. I guess I’m aging myself here but Phene and Mic know what I’m saying.

This is the first release from the two before they head out on their Respect Is Still King tour. And if you’re at the A3C Festival in October, be sure to catch them out there too!

Check the track.


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