Fresh Music | DJ Iceberg, ‘Before The Fame 3.0’ [Mixtape]


‘Before the Fame 3.0’ is so Atlanta — that much is clear. Who better to have put together a collective of smashes with some of the best rising stars out of Atlanta than The Academy’s own DJ Iceberg.

Linked with, Iceberg was able to create a platform with ‘Before the Fame 3.0’ with the help of various artists to include J.I.D., Billard, Tommy Swisher, Chilly Chills, Clay James, Sy Ari Da Kid and quite a few others.

The mixtape starts off poppin’ with Sy Ari Da Kid (definitely not a stranger to MFD radar) with “Chase.” Sy letting folks know he “swerve on’em like [he’s] in a high speed chase…” — the dinero is the only thing he’s chasin’. Aye!

I’m feeling “Do My Thing” by Messiah The Rapper too! That one vibes.

Tommy Swisher introduces the masses to his spill on what makes him unique compared to some of your favorite rappers on “Rockstars”– “Live life, don’t fake it, just be you, you’ll make it.. they wanna hate s—…”

The mixtape is live and repeat worthy. G’head and hit ‘download’


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