Fresh Music | ‘100 Degrees’ NeKo feat. Scarface, J Dawg

In Texas, it gets so hot that the the rising temperatures break records on the regular. Speaking of breaking records, Houston newcomer NeKo had to call up legendary MC Scarface and J Dawg of the Boss Hogg Outlawz to hop on his newest heat, “100 Degrees.”

This track is strictly for the streets, “swangin’ up and down 45…,” riding around as you tippin’ and swangin’ — so Houston. They say when it’s hot, crime is up. If there’s one thing you don’t do in Texas, it’s messing with another man’s ride — let the church say in unison, “Awwready.”

“Tempertures rising, n—-s trying better stay in the shade…” On this track you can hear the signature Texas sound blended with a new southern style. Keeping all things H-town, this track was produced by Houston’s own Albie Dickson and Trakksounds.

This track will be featured on NeKo’s forthcoming project this fall. That fiery heat in Texas is nothing nice. Get musically hydrated with “100 Degrees.”


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