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Fresh Music | Ellis ‘Sway in the Morning Freestyle’

Longtime friend of the site, Elli$ of B-More is out here making me proud as hell. Recently he was up in NYC, over at Sway in the Morning for the his Friday Fire Cypher, planting his feet in the Shade 45 studio, representing his position as a ‘hyena’ — which is a good thing, trust me, LOL.

BTW, check for his Ocean Grown project if you haven’t yet.

But if you need a little motivation, my man said, “It’s like being black make you less than human / To the ones doing the shooting… Then they wonder why we looting / I’m confused at the confusion / How we the ones they fear when we the ones that keep losing?”




Use Your Eyes | Carlie Bravo ‘Kool As S—‘

Yo. LOL. Carlie Bravo may be ‘kool as s—‘ for real. Met him recently in the streets of Atlanta as I was out working and rather than handing me a CD, he asked if I’d like a re-up on my drink. Later I watched the visual for his track ‘Kool As S—,’ and with all the super doobies and OE 40s being passed around the house party in the video, I’m considering how bourgie I must’ve seemed that night as I requested a frosty Guinness. Ha!

Anyway, the girls are bound to love Bravo. Formerly in the Marine Corps, the rapper has always had a knack for music, so when he came home he jumped right in. Bravo has the look and he can put a decent song together. I’m sure he’ll be outta here in no time with the right planning.

This one here is guaranteed to make you bounce a little bit and the energy of the video is dope too. I almost wanna put down my fancy stout and chug a 40 right along with them. Almost.

Fresh Music | Slay ‘John Wilkes Booth’

A couple weeks back I was recruited to moderate #TheFanbase here in Atlanta and ended up meeting quite a few artists hoping to gather some alternate ideas on what it means to “make it” while maintaining their integrity.

This was the night I met Slay and again, I can’t stress enough how often you find real talent in these streets, when you take the time to pass a card or an email address or something. Continue reading

Fresh Music | ILA aka Big Brown ‘Pressure’

ILA aka ‘Big Brown’ went insane on his new single (produced by Mattastic) ‘Pressure.’ Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Tommy Swisher ‘Falling’

Tommy Swisher is the latest indie artist to emerge from East St. Louis  bringing the world his new visual for the track ‘Falling.’ The song is from his latest EP, aptly named, Hi, I’m Tommy Swisher and it is theatrically cool. Different and deep. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Phene & MICXSIC ‘They Don’t Rap No More’

Friends of the site, Phene from PA and MICXSIC outta VA, dropped this joint only a few days ago but the theme is wild familiar. While we all agree that there’s enough room for every sub-genre out here, there’s something to be said about somebody dropping bars that make you shake your damn head.  Continue reading

Fresh Music | Ziggy2Playa ‘FISSURE!’

Today, MFD presents a new one from Atlanta Metro’s Ziggy2Playa called ‘FISSURE!’.

In a past life when I worked at a desk in an Atlanta hospital, I was quite familiar with what a ‘fissure’ is and what activities typically cause ’em. Um. Not sure why Ziggy has named this track after something I hear is super painful but the song itself is a sort of zoned out ode to being saucey. Produced by Asston Kutcher — which is a helluva stage name BTW. Ha! Check it.

Fresh Music | ‘100 Degrees’ NeKo feat. Scarface, J Dawg

In Texas, it gets so hot that the the rising temperatures break records on the regular. Speaking of breaking records, Houston newcomer NeKo had to call up legendary MC Scarface and J Dawg of the Boss Hogg Outlawz to hop on his newest heat, “100 Degrees.” Continue reading

Fresh Music | DJ Iceberg, ‘Before The Fame 3.0’ [Mixtape]


‘Before the Fame 3.0’ is so Atlanta — that much is clear. Who better to have put together a collective of smashes with some of the best rising stars out of Atlanta than The Academy’s own DJ Iceberg. Continue reading