Fresh Music | Hobo The Great ‘The Mos High’ [EP]

Everything about this seven-track EP from Hobo the Great is musically intriguing and ingenuous.

Emerging from the nine-member Atlanta-based experimental collective, Kings Tomb, Hobo has presented his project Mos High.

He’s built a solid reputation as a tattoo artist  by doing work for prominent names in the sports and entertainment world. We got a chance to exclusively preview the EP and it is full of hip-hop rudiments, fist-pump worthy, eclectic vibes and flow. Oh yeah, it’s MFD dope.

Starting the project off with a hearty introduction, “That ain’t the life I’m trying to live, gotta turn my negative to positives” — ‘Hustle’ is absolutely one of my favorite tracks.

‘Hustle’ is raw, eye-opening and has enough biscuits and gravy (with bacon fat and sausage) to keep you moving through the album.

The musicality is based in a whole lot of spunk and groove. As the tracks build you’ll be like — “Swerve!”

There is a suitable mix of dirty south and NYC influence in the sound with an special tones of uniqueness; I’m so lovin’ it.

Radio airwaves could use a dose of the good vibes on this album. A few other tracks I’ve claimed as favorites are ‘Peons,’ ‘Most High’ and ‘The Vent’ — especially ‘The Vent’ — not too many rappers can pull off these easy listening retro vibes, mixed and mastered into some slice and dice lyrics.

As I reflect back on a very informative seminar at the 2014 A3C festival with Mannie Fresh and many other prominent rap moguls, I remember Fresh mentioned the importance of working as team — a collective. Kings Tomb got the juice! I’m most certainly looking forward to what’s in the future for Hobo The Great and the entire Atlanta collective. Go check this talent out.


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