Fresh Music | JayTez feat. CoCo Kiss ‘Dumb’

You can’t work under the Oomp Camp umbrella and not have an affinity for knocking hits out. This one here from relative newcomer JayTez has the young rapper talking saucy over a thumping track from DJ Montay. ‘Dumb’ is about, um, physical pleasures from certain young ladies. Then there’s a verse from CoCo Kiss to cap things off, providing a perspective from the woman he’s finessing, I suppose.

If the name sounds familiar, consider the fact that JayTez has been running with DJ Oomp for a number of years and his relationship with Roscoe Dash led him to be introduced to Oomp in the first place. Jay cites Earth, Wind & Fire alongside Gucci Mane and T.I. as his musical influences. And with the Atlanta Falcons considering his submission a potential team anthem for 2015-16, this rapper/singer/producer may be popping up more often than not in the near future.


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