Fresh Music | Young Greatness ‘I Tried To Tell ‘Em’ [Mixtape]

Y’all gon’ get this work. When it’s all said and done, you may grow tired of me talking to you about Quality Control’s newest signee Young Greatness, but be advised that I, like him, tried to tell you.

It’s only every once in a while that I get this excited about a new artist — it was this way with Quan before you knew who he was and most recently, it was this way with Bankroll. Now, I see ‘it’ in Greatness. And I don’t miss.

Recently, MFD touched on the release of his single ‘Woe,’ now, after sitting with his new project I Tried To Tell ‘Em for over a week, it’s time to get into the meat.

Straight out of New Orleans’ Seventh Ward, Greatness has a solid debut over at QC with this one.

At the opening, ‘Talk My S—,’ he’s like, “Pull up, we ca’ talk money,” just before the bass drops on this Cardo Got Wings-produced track. Then he goes into countless bars of glimmering, glittering boasts while screaming “Life goin’ good for a n—-/I know you n—– mad lil’ n—-, I know you n—– hatin’ lil’ n—-…”

The very next track ‘Lil N—-‘ is another strong one. Something about Greatness’s attitude here makes the song. Nothing crazy — just the kind hardbody trash talk that proves to be more fun each time you learn a new line. Currently, my favorite bar on it is: “On a bad day, I’m Sensei, you Daniel-San/I been baking this cake a long time/This ya’ funeral b—-, be on time…” Then I dissolve into giggles. Can you imagine telling someone to be on time for this funeral you giving ’em? LOL. Man.

Then — I spoke on this next one briefly via Instagram — ‘In Or Out’ is the anti-‘chick song.’ Perfect for my tastes. Granted, he has a couple bonafide ‘songs for the ladies’ on here but this one is the best I’ve heard from a newcomer in a while.

It’s your basic issue: he and his lady are having issues because he’s out running the streets, slipping up a time or two (or a few) with various women and she’s tired of him coming in and out of her life. So she tells him on the hook (beautifully sung by Sonyae-Elise), “Ain’t no ‘in’ and ‘out,’ only ‘in’ or ‘out.'” It works because it resonates.

Anyway, if you follow me on social media, then I’ve been telling you about this cat. If this is your first time hearing, trust, it won’t be be your last over here at MFD.

**Also. Bonus. I heard #6 ‘Dope Boy’ the day he made it. And the studio was lit. Other picks? ‘Moolah,’ For My N—-,’ and ‘Realla.”


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