Fresh Music | LMNO & Mr. Brady ’25/8′ [Album]

The experimental duo LMNO & Mr. Brady out of Long Beach, CA recently dropped some new heat on their full-length studio album entitled, 25/8. When it comes to musical aesthetics and the art of collaboration, LMNO & Mr. Brady have got things under wraps.

Since 2010, LMNO, member of the globally famous Visionaries crew, put out over ten complete albums in one year. Mr. Brady, veteran producer and emcee, was a part of one of the ten studio projects. Both artists collectively have released at least 40 albums or more over the length of their careers.

These talented two have been inspired by the positive demands of the fans which eventually led to the release of 25/8.

The inspiration behind the album title stems from their need in having a few more hours in a day especially for the overtime they put in on studio hours and tours. This edgy album is putting spotlight on a new up-and-coming talent going by the name Asethic — a producer out of Brooklyn, New York.

The sounds of new school hip-hop provide much character to the two well-versed emcees. Hip-hop today sure can use some of that good ol’ fundamental psychedelic-funk. I’m feeling the vibes on the “Rearrange” track. So dope.

When referencing the production process, “It was a very natural process,” Mr Brady said. LMNO added, “Nothing was rushed, everything happened the way it was supposed to and it is evident when you hear the album.”


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