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Fresh Music | Hobo The Great ‘The Mos High’ [EP]

Everything about this seven-track EP from Hobo the Great is musically intriguing and ingenuous.

Emerging from the nine-member Atlanta-based experimental collective, Kings Tomb, Hobo has presented his project Mos High. Continue reading


Fresh Music | Gilles feat. VILLA and Steven Christopher ‘Queens + Castles’

“I’ma just do it for the one time, for the one time…” — Gilles

This joint is light and easy with an edge, like a nice ride in the evening with no traffic. Friend of the site, Gilles — like “Jeelz” — is back with his newest release ‘Queens + Castles’ featuring appearances from Villa and Steven Christopher. The track, produced by Tha Radio, is off his full-length 14 track album, Super. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘King In A Crown’

So last we left off, Beatty’s lil’ love interest unknowingly led the super jealous boyfriend to her location and he stuck a pistol in the Ford Crown Victoria where the two were sitting, kiki-ing it up, like nobody was on an insane mission to find her.

Beatty’s flow and tone are totally different on ‘King In A Crown,’ showing versatility — a plus.

In this last visual installment of the Love Triangle that Beatty has mocked up, there are some psychedelic effects as he appears to be cruisin’ around with his homeboys. Is he dead? Is he in heaven? What’s happening?

Either way, this joint is pretty cool and very clever. King. In. A. Crown. Vic. Get it?


Fresh Music | Sun ‘I Do’

Coming out dat H-Tine, it’s going all the way down on rapper Sun‘s newest drop, ‘I Do.’ The track is produced by PL12 (Nappy Roots, Jon Connor, Beanie Sigel and many more). Continue reading

Fresh Music | Ellis ‘Smooth Criminal’

Enlightening and progressive, B-More artist, Elli$, is back on the MFD radar with some new conscious freshness called ‘Smooth Criminal’.

The track is produced by his longtime beat-making compadre, Legin, and mixed by Statik Selektah — it can be found on his recently released LP Ocean Grown. Continue reading

Fresh Music | JayTez feat. CoCo Kiss ‘Dumb’

You can’t work under the Oomp Camp umbrella and not have an affinity for knocking hits out. This one here from relative newcomer JayTez has the young rapper talking saucy over a thumping track from DJ Montay. ‘Dumb’ is about, um, physical pleasures from certain young ladies. Then there’s a verse from CoCo Kiss to cap things off, providing a perspective from the woman he’s finessing, I suppose. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘Blessed’

Jeez. When bad goes to worse…

So, a few days ago MFD posted the visual to NC rapper Ron Beatty‘s ‘Take Your Time’ — the first in his three-part ‘Love Triangle’ release. Where we left off, Beatty found himself in some overnight flirtation with a pretty girl he found walking alongside the road.

All innocent — s’mores, liqour, friends and neon headbands. But, unbeknownst to the rapper, the young lady was running from a pretty big ‘something.’ Peep the next installment above.

Fresh Music | Young Greatness ‘I Tried To Tell ‘Em’ [Mixtape]

Y’all gon’ get this work. When it’s all said and done, you may grow tired of me talking to you about Quality Control’s newest signee Young Greatness, but be advised that I, like him, tried to tell you.

Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Sy Ari Da Kid ‘Chase’

I suppose my first question is:

How in the world did Sy Ari Da Kid get a young woman in a thong bodysuit to twerk front of Chase Bank in broad daylight?

Either way, I love this video for his ‘Chase‘ single. The song itself is pretty light (‘Money be the only thing that a n—- chase…’) but I can see it taking off. Plus the production from Ear Drummers’ 30 Roc is on point and on trend. The kids’ll make a dance out of this one with no issue.

Swear — it’s only a matter of time for Sy to be outta here and ‘Chase’ has gotten him another step closer.

Also, DC Young Fly and his sticky fingers make a quick cameo here. Peep it.

Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘Take Your Time’

Ron Beatty is an ambitious one. Not too long after dropping the visual for his ‘Heard About Me’ track, the North Carolina-native is back again with the video for his cautionary tale ‘Take Your Time.’ The video is part of a package he’s dubbed the ‘Love Triangle’ — meaning, there are two other joints connected to this one. Not sure what’ll happen next, but peep what happens here as Beatty picks up a stranger roadside.