Fresh Music | DJ Burn One & The Five Points Bakery ‘Pérdida’ (co-prod. by Eric Dingus)

DJ Burn One + The Five Points Bakery are back again with their newest joint ‘Pérdida.’ The track comes off their recently released album Tapas and October’s Very Own producer Eric Dingus lends some of his magic to the song behind the boards.

‘Pérdida’ en inglés means ‘loss’ — which sort of explains the song’s eerie inflection. It almost gives off a lonely feeling.

It’s incredible how music can control your emotions; this song is musicology.

There are a lot of flavors and eclectic textures to its sonic elements. The intro of the song gradually pulls you in with it’s electronic moan-like lure as a blend of soothing synths fall into place. The snares, cymbals and drums come in as the lucid flares makes it an experimental encounter.

It’s mildly chill and hypnotic as the sounds vary. The creation is not simply good music you skim through, it is out-of-this-world genius, really. This song is officially plugged into rotation. So dope. Give it a listen.


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