Use Your Eyes | ‘S.O.O.N. [Intro]’ Video/Sy Ari Da Kid on ‘Sway In the Morning’

Friend of the site Sy Ari Da Kid recently dropped a visual from his latest mixtape S.O.O.N. and it’s real nice.

Sy Ari’s “Intro” track has sparked some controversy in reference to his mentioning Eric Garner in the hook.

The “Intro” was produced by Ear Drummers own, 30 Roc who has also produced for K Camp, Rae Sremmurd, Trinidad James and many others. Memphis rapper Snootie Wild also makes a special appearance in the video.

And, in case you missed it, Sway gave rapper Sy Ari Da Kid some major props in an interview a couple weeks back on Shade 45 in New York.


Sway said in reference to Sy’s hustle:”Just beneath the radar of mainstream… Being able to make a career been able to become very successful, and do what they really originally came to do in the first place and that’s just put out music…”

He continued to describe Sy Ari as a “vanguard of that independent push.” The Northside Atlanta representative had a chance to discuss how he markets his music stating, “A lot of people don’t do the street work as much because the internet so strong… You want to take risks.”

The rapper went on to talk about his upcoming project, Politically End Correct, which will be released on July 4th. Sy defined the significance of the album title, stating that Politically End Correct is all about going against the grain of conforming to the norm and just being true to you.

He also spoke on K Camp making the XXL 2015 Freshmen class, disses MCWAR & E Ness from the Making The Band and the folks who don’t salute the next artist’s success.



One response to “Use Your Eyes | ‘S.O.O.N. [Intro]’ Video/Sy Ari Da Kid on ‘Sway In the Morning’

  1. I see Sy got next coming out tha A by way of that NY! I fucks w/ it

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