Fresh Music | Maybaxh Hot ‘Hot Wixk’ Mixtape

East Atlanta’s own Maybaxh Hot released his debut mixtape earlier this month titled Hot Wixk The project is hosted by DJ Scream & Bigga Rankin.

Hot Wixk has proved to be a “bloxk” beater for sho’!

Here’s the rundown:

Maybaxh’s career has evolved from secretly writing bars while cutting hair in his hood to becoming a rising independent artist, bound to take over the club scene.

Hot’s first single from the debut mixtape project is entitled “Money & Sex” (“Money & Checks” on the radio) featuring his blood brother and Maybach Music Group artist Tracy T. The track was produced by beast producer Sonny Digital who has also created hits for Future, Drake, ILoveMakonnen, Kanye West and plethora of other well-known mainstream artists.

Maybaxh Hot created Murder Gang Music Group, an independent label with one of his life-long friends with the objective to give young men the resources and tools to flourish in the music industry.

Hot Wixk also features production from some of Hip-Hop’s heavy hitters Shawty Redd, Sonny Digital, Cassius Jay, and TM-88 among other producers. I gotta point out track 11, “Overload” featuring Tracy T and produced By TM88 — it’s repeat worthy.

Maybaxh Hot stated, “The record was inspired by just coming off a private jet with my brother, feeling fresh, popping bottles with a bunch of sexy women, all 10s. We went into the studio and there you have it, a combination of lyrical talent and keen.”


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