Fresh Music | Redcoat Da Poet feat. Big Sant & Cap 1 ‘Midnight Mackin”

‘Thirst animals.’ Redcoat sat across from me on an East Atlanta patio, shaking with laughter.

Over a recent lunch, the conversation turned to why I choose business over personal most days and the most aggressive suitor I’ve had in some time. I won’t divulge the details of that particular situation here but trust, it was lewd, it was late and it was enough to make Red chuckle then tell me, ‘He needs to take some tips from this ‘Midnight Mackin’.”

Maybe so.

Here, Red, Big Sant and Cap-1 drop a few bars about the attraction, the chase and the win when trying to lock a woman’s attention. The right way.

Keep an eye out for Red’s Ode to the Underground project in the coming weeks. I got an early copy that same day and it’s dope.



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