Monthly Archives: June 2015

Use Your Eyes | Ron Beatty ‘Heard About Me’

Ron Beatty‘s just a hometown guy with major dreams of taking on the hip-hop game — since the recent release of his “Heard About Me” visual, the North Carolina native is a getting closer. Continue reading


Use Your Eyes | ‘S.O.O.N. [Intro]’ Video/Sy Ari Da Kid on ‘Sway In the Morning’

Friend of the site Sy Ari Da Kid recently dropped a visual from his latest mixtape S.O.O.N. and it’s real nice. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Maybaxh Hot ‘Hot Wixk’ Mixtape

East Atlanta’s own Maybaxh Hot released his debut mixtape earlier this month titled Hot Wixk The project is hosted by DJ Scream & Bigga Rankin. Continue reading

Fresh Music | Redcoat Da Poet feat. Big Sant & Cap 1 ‘Midnight Mackin”

‘Thirst animals.’ Redcoat sat across from me on an East Atlanta patio, shaking with laughter.

Over a recent lunch, the conversation turned to why I choose business over personal most days and the most aggressive suitor I’ve had in some time. I won’t divulge the details of that particular situation here but trust, it was lewd, it was late and it was enough to make Red chuckle then tell me, ‘He needs to take some tips from this ‘Midnight Mackin’.”

Maybe so. Continue reading

Fresh Music | E Reign ‘Need More’

People still outchea rhyming for real, if you get online and look… NYC’s E Reign is dope. Refreshing. I haven’t heard a ton of new cats out of my city with this type of confident flow in awhile. Clearly, I really like this one. Peep the info below…

Continue reading

Fresh Music | Ron Rico feat. Greenspan ‘I’mma Get Mines’

You know how some mornings you wake up feeling like the day belongs to you? Best thing in the world. Baltimore’s Ron Rico knows what I’m talking about. His latest single ‘I’mma Get Mines’ is that feeling, sonically. The track features fellow B-More native Greenspan and the two talk ambition all over this feel-good production. Get some business ’bout yaself…



Fresh Music | Skinny C ‘Never Thirsty, Always Hungry’ [Mixtape]


Yes! Finally we have a new project from Skinny-C. I’m reveling in it. Man, can this guy spit… This Never Thirsty, Always Hungry is very nice.

From the title all the way through the playlist — this is C. The Lithonia, Ga. native is giving us small pieces of himself. C really is hungry, at all times, and he really is in Polo, at all times. He’s clever with the words (‘Major’ is an instant favorite. Instant!) and the production here is pretty impressive too, dipping in and out of the blaxploitation fly of ‘Buried Treasure’ to the breeziness of ‘Grown & Sexy.’

Listen, donate a couple dollars if you have it and download. Peep what Skinny-C has to say below. Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Joe Green ‘Trap Bunkin’

Joe Green, born Casey Lucus, Jr., is building on his already-growing buzz with the release of his newest single, ‘Trap Bunkin.’ Continue reading

Use Your Eyes | Mr. 2-17 ‘All My Life’ [Short Film]

Street Money Worldwide’s Mr. 2-17 released a very candid and revealing short film titled, All My Life.

The young producer, artist and camera guy dropped this joint a couple months back, hoping to give fans and industry heads a sneak peek into his life.

From his grandma’s couch to the stage, 2-17’s go-getter mentality is bound to have his whole crew eating. Mr. 2-17 produced and directed the film and BeyondRich YT was brought in to shoot the visual. Peep it.

Fresh Music | Skinny-C ‘Polo’

Lawd knows these boys from Atlanta’s Eastside luh their Polo. Friend of the site, Skinny-C is back on the scene, fresh to def too, judging from the flyness of this new one.

‘Polo’ is hard and C ain’t lost a step, Lo boots or not.