Monthly Archives: May 2015

New Music | Meek Mill ‘Energy’

‘Got some enemies/Got a lotta enemies/I was just cool with ’em/Hatin’, call ’em ‘frenemies’…’ — Meek


Shine | The Freestyle Experiment [5/5, Atlanta]


Tonight it goes down once again at Atlanta’s Apache Cafe. Check the details below.

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Fresh Music | DJ Burn One & The Five Points Bakery ‘Canapé’ EP

Canapé (noun)

A small, prepared and usually decorative food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.

Understand this — nothing DJ Burn One does behind the boards is small, though it is easy to digest. On Canapé, the Atlanta native has some help from The Five Points Bakery (Walt Live, Go! Ricky Go!, Pi’erre Bourne & Monochrome Sweatsuit). Burn’s latest offering has the feel of trunks rattling in outer space. Like, Burn is known for having that thump always, but the use of synths is super airy and ethereal here. All live instrumentation. No samples here. Pretty dope. And with seven tracks, I’d say it could be consumed in one bite. Press ‘play.’

New Music | Fabolous Friday Night Freestyle ‘Do It Again’

“How the f— you gon’ talk about emcees on my heels?/ And all I see is Tim trees on my heels…” (c) Sport