Quickie Exclusive | Young Foxx Talks ‘Trilla Than Most’ Mixtape & Second Chances

On Thursday afternoon (March 16), MFD had the chance to speak with Young Foxx out of Lexington, KY, by way of Memphis. Back in November, the rapper released his Trilla Than Most project hosted by DJ Fresh.

The tape showcased Foxx in his element, talking strictly about what he knows, with co-signs from his team throughout. This summer is pertinent for the “Bandanna” creator. He says he’s in the process of creating an album with his college buddy DJ Fresh (Rich Homie Quan) coming through with the assist. “I’m tryna be the next up-and-coming artist. I’ma get on and stay on.” Get familiar.

MadFreshDaily: Why go with the title Trilla Than Most? What was your reasoning?

Young Foxx: My definition is… Really it’s just me. I don’t lie about things. That’s on the record and nine times out of ten if I’m talking about it, it actually happened or I did it. That’s how I feel like I stand out from a lot of these artists. I just haven’t had the opportunity to explode.

MFD: How’d you get started in rap?

Foxx: Back in Memphis I had two brothers that had a group called the Bonafied Hustlers. They had their own thing going. My brother gave me the opportunity to get on a song but he felt he had to write it for me. A couple years later, I moved to Kentucky to play college basketball at Kentucky State University and I wanted to rap but I couldn’t do two things at the same time. We were always on the road or there was a workout or something, but in 2007 I picked rap back up and ran with it. This is my first project that I put out since then.

MFD: So, since 2007, this is your first joint? Nowadays, people will start rapping in January and drop a project by June. Why the wait?

Foxx: I went through a situation about two years ago where I was incarcerated and I was given another chance at life. I haven’t looked back since. I made this choice because I knew that it was something I had always wanted to do.

MFD: Did you have a set vision when you started working on Trilla Than Most?

Foxx: I went into it open because when I was released from incarceration I wanted to be open-minded and talk about everything that I went through and really get caught back up with it.

MFD: How hard is that? To be away and trying to plot a project out…

Foxx: The first problem is whether or not you gon’ get out. You have to think about that. Because you’re sitting in there, writing these songs and wondering if you’ll ever get the chance to see a studio again.

MFD: What would you say is your favorite track on Trilla?

Foxx: I got a couple favorites but I would say “Bandanna” because if you actually listen to it, the things I’m talking about, basically how I came up in the streets of Memphis, the things I went through and explored… The people and the affiliations that I had.

MFD: It’s been said that Memphis artists don’t stick together. Has that affected your grind at all?

Foxx: Memphis is more of a neighborhood thing with that right there. None of that concerns me though. I’m from there but I’ve been living in Kentucky for the last 10 years. There ain’t a music market [in Kentucky], there are opportunities but I would say that it’s where you’ve gotta get hot first and the opportunity comes to you. As far as Lexington, I do my thing. The radio stations… Everybody in the streets, they’re banging me.



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