Fresh Music | Stealth Is Metal feat. TreaZon ‘HappiNess’

There’s something to the ‘truth on wax’ idea. I don’t mean that drug/club/gun talk, I’m talking the stuff buried on the inside. That’s the stuff that takes guts to put on front street. For instance, to this day, I feel Beanie Sigel was best when he tapped into that raw emotion, where it sounded like he was crying hot tears in the booth. So yeah, Stealth Is Metal is that guy.


Every track sounds like Stealth is reaching beyond the last. On the self-produced ‘HappiNess’ he brings TreaZon in to add his view but Stealth excels here with heartfelt lines speaking to the struggles of believing in yourself — by yourself: ”You see the virtue that this child could have/Some say my bravery’s a joke/I find that only cowards laugh.” Press ‘play.’



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