Fresh Music | Big Sant ‘Strictly 4 My Sleeperz’ Mixtape

You know Big Sant. Even if you don’t know him personally, if you’re a KRIT fan, more likely than not, you’re familiar with Sant. His presence on damn near every Krizzle project ever isn’t to be ignored. The resounding ‘Big Sant, Mutha F—n’ OG ‘ every time he touches a mic… Ringing bells for ya? Cool.

That ever-present sharpness and comfortable emcee stance has Sant celebrating the drop of his most recent project Strictly 4 My Sleeperz while thumbing his nose at the latecomers. BTW, he’s brought quite a few cohorts with him here too, from Scotty ATL to BB Rose.

Press ‘play’ and if you’re in the A tonight, holla at the homie at Erosol Department Store off Edgewood for the official celebration. If you run a lil’ late, swing by Spin in Castleberry Hill for the afterparty!


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